There is no "talent war" if you eliminate the competition

Culture Driven Recruiting

Are you ready to break out of traditional recruiting?If “we’ve always done it this way” makes you twitch this book is just for you.

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Whether you are a salty, seasoned recruiter, human-resources whisperer, or CEO confounded by company culture, author Lee-Anne Edwards offers the real deal on what it takes to find and hold on to your one-in-a-million talent.Within these pages you’ll find answers to those hard questions, stories sure to make you gasp and giggle, a healthy heaping of guidance, sass in spades, and even a pep talk in a pinch from a bona fide expert with nearly two decades in the recruiting game.The gloves are off, champs. There is no talent war if you eliminate the competition, and leading the charge begins with culture-driven recruiting.Dive on in, the water is war

Lee-Anne Edwards

Founder - One in Mil

“LA” is a Talent Matchmaker who owns the C-level and technical talent acquisition market. She is fiercely driven, with a passion for sourcing only the very best talent. Her winning strategy is hiring on culture first, aptitude second, and resume third. She is a thought leader with a background specializing in crafting software development teams from the ground up. She is originally from Boston and loves a nice, cold Sam Adams. She is passionate about running, dangerous skiing and loves hockey. If you can’t find her on the boat you will find her helping to grow the tech scene in Charleston and across the globe. 

Reader Reviews

Great book on culture and recruiting. As a hiring manager and CTO in a startup, this book is like having a witty, insightful, and straight-to-the-point advisor in your pocket. Lee-Anne guides you through the different steps on how to create a great recruiting experience and culture. The first time you read it, the content opens your mind and give you many insights. Then, you can use the book as a reference guide and toolbox based on what you need for your processes, culture, and company. This is a highly recommended read and I am looking forward to more books from Lee-Anne.

Gregori Faroux

This book gave me a fantastic insight into how recruiting is done! Highly recommended for employers and individuals wondering what they should expect from their career – stop wasting your time at a company that doesn’t put culture first. If you own your own company, this is an excellent resource that will undoubtedly help you acquire the top talent you need!

Mike Murphy

I read this book from beginning to end, intrigued by what the author has to say about recruiting. She highlights the in’s and out’s of the recruiting world while keeping you interested with her own personal experiences. It was an easy read and gives many tips on how to be successful in this world. Very down to earth and straightforward book that I will use for many years to come.